Sea Glass Whimsical Necklace by Anne Marie
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Yvette Seaglassing
Sea Glass
Sea Glass
Antique Bottles at Souris Lighthouse
Sea Glass
Romeo working with seaglass
Sea Glass Family
Seaglass Mobile
Our Prince Edward Island beaches 
for noted for prize shards.  
There is no more peaceful place to be!

Romeo's Seaglass Bracelets

 Our family loves making jewellery and home decor 
using the sea glass we've found on our excursions to the beach!

Romeo making his Sea Glass
 Prince Edward Island Maps
Yvette Seaglassing
Sea Glass Bracelets
Anne Marie's
 Whimsical Necklace
Seaglass Mobile
Seaglass Picture Frame
 Sea Glass 
Picture Frame
Family seaglassing
Family Seaglassing
Gift ShopSouris Historic LighthouseSeaglass StoryArtwork by CarmellaContact Gift Shop

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Authentic Sea Glass​

Sea Glass started its journey as broken glass thrown into the ocean 
by our ancestors many years ago.  

The  years of tumbling amongst the sand and gravel of our beaches 
have caused the glass to become "finished" into these 
"jewels of the sea"

What our ancestors once discarded or lost has turned into the treasures 
we love to search for.  It is truly Vintage Sea Glass

"Take a Bit of Prince Edward Island Home"
Front Row - Yvette Sheehan, Anne Marie Johnson, Anita St. Denis, Eydie Gallant
    Back Row - Willy St. Denis, Romeo Gallant