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at Souris Historic Lighthouse
138 Breakwater Street
Souris, Prince Edward Island. Canada
902-687-2251   or  902-218-1085

1880 - Souris East Lighthouse was built at a cost of $620. The square tapered tower, clad in wooden shingles, 
            stands 45' base to vane.  It has 3 flights of stairs leading to the lantern room which is completely surrounded  
            by glass windows.  The lantern was made by the Chance Brothers of Birmingham, England.

1881 - an attached dwelling was added   
1911 - An oil shed was built

1947 - A pump house was added
1951 - The old barn was torn down

1957 - A storage shed was added

1959 - The dwelling was detached and moved from the site to Main Street and a new dwelling was built

1961- One of the first mercury vapour lamps used by the Canadian Coast Guard was installed

1991 - the second dwelling was removed to MacPhee Ave. when Francis McIntosh retired as the last lightkeeper.

2009 - the Lighthouse was transfered to Souris Harbour Authority

2010 - Souris Harbour Authority refurbished the lighthouse, opening it for tours and a nautical gift shop.

2011 - Souris East Lighthouse was recognized as a heritage place under the Prince Edward Island Heritage                Protection Act

2012 - Souris Harbour Authority expanded with a new building on the site which houses the nautical gift shop  

"Souris by the Sea Treasures" 

 2015 -  Souris Harbour Authority refurbished the "top" of the lighthouse and painted the body.  They also did
              necessary repairs and refurbishing of the interior - all ready for your visit!

Souris Lighthouse and Souris by the Sea Treasures
​Souris Historic Lighthouse 

4th floor -   the light - spectacular view!!!

  3rd floor -  History of Souris Lighthouse  

  2nd floor -  Life Cycle of Sea Glass
         (made from sand  ---- going back to sand)

  1st floor - History of Souris Harbour                     
History of Souris Lighthouse
Sea Glass Story
History of Souris Lighthouse
View From Souris Lighthouse
 Souris by the Sea Treasures
souris by the sea treasures
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Gift ShopSouris Historic LighthouseSeaglass StoryArtwork by CarmellaContact Gift Shop

Gift ShopSouris Historic LighthouseSeaglass StoryArtwork by CarmellaContact Gift Shop

"Take a Bit of Prince Edward Island Home"
Antique Bottles at Souris Lighthouse
​Keepers of the light - 

1880 - 1905 - Angus MacDonald
1905 - 1913 - J. D. Lavie
1913 - ?        - George N. MacDonald
1913 - 1920  - B. Bushey
1920 - 1935  -  M. Frank McIntosh
1935 - 1956  - Andrew McIntosh
1956 - 1974 - Donald G. Osbourne
1974 - 1991 - Francis McIntosh